Live bravely!

About Us

Our Idea


Our Philosophy:  Our motto is “Live Bravely” – we aim to bring the enjoyment as well as the health and spiritual benefits to the Chinese public. 

Our Growth

    • 2015 —Grittao Sports officially established

    • 2016 —Grittao Sports successfully hosted the first UTMB Chinese runners’ welcome reception during the UTMB week in Chamonix.

    • 2017 —Hosted the second welcome reception and briefing for Chinese UTMB participants, and also recruited elite Chinese runners to take part. Provided live coverage and media services and promotion for Ultra Gobi race. Launched charity campaigns of running shoe donations, working together with established charities.  Organization of Longyangxia Salmon Altitude Ultra Test Race.

Our Objective

Our goals and capabilities:

The past few years have seen a boom in outdoor recreation, adventure tourism, mass participation sports and healthy lifestyle in China. This market is growing and so is the demand for products and services. Grittao, whose staff are some of the pioneers in the industry in China and have great networks and professional connections at their disposal, are strategically positioned to exploit and satisfy this demand. 

Founders Profile

Su Ziling (China)

Su Ziling held the position of the director of the editorial department at Outside Magazine (China) between 2006 and 2017 and has been involved with outdoor sports and recreation in China for thirteen years. He has great experience and resources when it comes to organization of outdoor events in China, and is an expert on the trends and directions of the development of Chinese outdoor industry. He is highly sought after as an expert and consultant on Chinese outdoor and sports media.

Yan Yi (China)

Former editor-in-chief of Runners' World (China), Yan Yi has more than a decade of experience in sports media and is a very well-known figure in running and sports media circles in China. Mr. Yan is also one of the co-founders of Runner's World race series in China, and a dedicated runner who has completed many ultra-marathons both in China and abroad, including UTMB and the 400km Ultra Gobi race.

Xin Zhao (China)

Zhao Xin is one of China’s best and most experienced trail and ultra race organizers and race course designers, and has been involved in marquee domestic events such as Ultra Gobi, Gaoligong by UTMB?, Beijing International Mountain Marathon and China East Pole New Year Sunrise Marathon. Zhao Xin has great contacts with the local governments and Chinese sports officials and is known for being able to successfully realize the most difficult projects in China.

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